MKU courses: Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

The Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University is a 4 year, fulltime, and on-campus program. It is one of the MKU courses provided from the Department of Social Science’s Branch of Social and Development Studies. The program’s goal is to provide pupils with a broad and professional-level understanding of society and community. In addition, it looks at the connections between different social classes and the financial, cultural, and government structures involved in community development. The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Development Studies is intended to prepare pupils for real-life scenarios. It educates students to face the difficulties that come with studying sociology and development research. The curriculum aims to provide students with a large base of knowledge and skills that will enable them to manage current economic and societal issues effectively.

Students may interpret, develop, evaluate, and conquer complex market challenges as a result of this program’s multidisciplinary construction. It’s one of those MKU courses planned to keep pace with the latest world of business. It establishes a good foundation for the workplace, supplying the requisite qualifications, ethical values, and basic awareness for corporate conclusions. Today’s corporate climate necessitates energetic players that are well-versed in their fields to deal proactively with issues in fast-paced, intensely aggressive

The Bachelor in Arts in Film and Animation is one of the MKU courses provided by the Department of Social Sciences Division of Journalism and Mass Communication, The program is intended to provide students with technical, professional-level comprehension in animation and film, The Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation Studies curriculum is meant to introduce students to real-world situations that will train them to confront obstacles in filmmaking and cartoons, The curriculum aims to provide students with a large foundation of skillsets in movie and animation’s medium, form, and material.

This course would train students to confront trouble in the realm of public policy-making. The program will have a multidisciplinary procedure to examine core topics such as ethics, management, and strategy. Corporate Managers, Administrative Officers, Consultants, and Management Analysts are among the jobs available to Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance graduates. Taking this class’s predicted outcomes are strong ethical ethics, effective communication relations standards, and effective qualified coordination. This course can help you progress on your career by enhancing your leadership skills, computing skills, and ability to evaluate the nation’s current political, societal, and economic conditions, among other aspects.

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